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GSC staff step it up a notch!


At Glasgow Science Centre we’ve got a wide variety of staff, not just working in our Science Mall, but also behind the scenes in the office.

We asked staff in various departments to wear a pedometer to count the number of steps they took during their working day for us.

1,000 steps is the equivalent of a 10 minute brisk walk, and doing 10,000 per day has been shown to benefit health, by burning calories, improving stamina and strengthening the heart. Typically, we use between 300 and 400 calories by walking 10,000 steps. So, whilst it’s perhaps not surprising that those who were desk-bound racked up the least number of step they were surprised to find how many they actually take.

We’ll be building up some profiles of our staff, over the next month or so, to give you an insight into the team who bring the fun and enthusiasm to Glasgow Science Centre!

Meantime, here are some of the tasks Billy the Janitor does to reach 10,000+ steps!

1. Seats and supervises over 600 school children making sure they get their lunches on time and cleans up after them;
2. Sweeps and mops over 100m2 of vinyl flooring every day;
3. Picks up on average 18 pieces of litter and pops it in the recycling;
4. Goes for a brisk 10 min walk over his lunch break;
5. Empties and refreshes 24 litter bins a day!

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