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GSC staff step it up a notch!


At Glasgow Science Centre we’ve got a wide variety of staff, not just working in our Science Mall, but also behind the scenes in the office.

We asked staff in various departments to wear a pedometer to count the number of steps they took during their working day for us.

1,000 steps is the equivalent of a 10 minute brisk walk, and doing 10,000 per day has been shown to benefit health, by burning calories, improving stamina and strengthening the heart. Typically, we use between 300 and 400 calories by walking 10,000 steps. So, whilst it’s perhaps not surprising that those who were desk-bound racked up the least number of step they were surprised to find how many they actually take.

We’ll be building up some profiles of our staff, over the next month or so, to give you an insight into the team who bring the fun and enthusiasm to Glasgow Science Centre!

Meantime, here are some of the tasks Billy the Janitor does to reach 10,000+ steps!

1. Seats and supervises over 600 school children making sure they get their lunches on time and cleans up after them;
2. Sweeps and mops over 100m2 of vinyl flooring every day;
3. Picks up on average 18 pieces of litter and pops it in the recycling;
4. Goes for a brisk 10 min walk over his lunch break;
5. Empties and refreshes 24 litter bins a day!

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BodyWorkers on tour!

Last week, Gillian and Rob went to Germany to to discuss the fabrication contract for the installation of the exhibits for BodyWorks with Hüttinger. As well as tasting the local delicacies and brain-storming they also had a few Kodak moments. Below is a handful of their snap shots!  


                        Tucking in to some tasty Bavarian beef. Yum!


                                               Back to business!


                                       Testing the Kinect Demo!



       Recognise the model in the picture? On the left I may add!

Exhibition zones

It’s a lovely sunny day here in Glasgow, and excitement is heating up in BodyWorks HQ for the exhibition! Things are coming along nicely. Thanks to all those who expressed an interest in taking part in the pregnancy diary exhibit mentioned in the post below.

To give you lovely folk a clearer picture of what the exhibition will look like we’ve taken a few screenshots of short descriptions that will feature in the different zones.

There will be three main zones- About You, a set of 6 Research Capsules and a suite of interactive subjects in the Interactive Zone related to the
themes of the Research Capsules and a Live Lab.

The exhibits are classified by subject area and each will have a themed design inspired from microbiological images related to the subject matter.

Interview with BodyWorker #4

Say hello to BodyWorker Steven Hadden. He is a bit enigmatic like the Stig and ever so camera shy! In true Graphic Designer fashion he’s letting his alter ego- a personalised, designer, coke can steal the limelight! 

What is your role in BodyWorks?
I am the lead graphic designer and design consultant for GSC

How would you describe BodyWorks in 3 words?
Playful. Informative. Stylish.

What are you enjoying the most about working on BodyWorks?
The chance to learn more about the human body and to have an influence on the design of the most important exhibition to be developed by GSC.

How do you envisage GSC in 10 years?
A vibrant, creative, social place to come, hang out, chat and develop ideas that can change the future.

What do you wish you had invented and why?
I wish I had invented the pencil as most great ideas start with it.

What song title best sums up BodyWorks?
Xpress Yourself by NWA

Your favourite body fact is?
The eyes receive approximately 90 percent of all our information, making us basically visual creatures.

Why should people visit the exhibition when it opens?
Because YOU are the experience!

Hüttinger appointed fabrication contract

Breaking BodyWorks news….!

Following the advertisement of the tender for the design, fabrication and installation of the exhibits for the BodyWorks exhibition on the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), the BodyWorks team has spent the last few weeks evaluating tender submissions from all over the world and are delighted to announce that Hüttinger GmbH & Co have been appointed the contract. The contract will be officially signed on 25 April.

The evaluation process looked closely at key areas such as design ability, project management processes, technical merit and previous experience ensuring that the successful company are ideally suited to delivering this ambitious project. Hüttinger GmbH have vast experience of delivering interactive visitor experiences throughout the world and we are sure that a collaborative approach, utilising all the skills and knowledge within GSC, will result in an exhibition packed full of challenging and eye-opening exhibits. The photo above showcases their running skeleton design.

So what’s next in the world of BodyWorks? Well, the long list of exhibits that GSC has collated now needs looked at in more detail and a definitive list of exhibits drawn up. This is when the exhibition layout really starts to take shape and we can see the efforts of all the hard work starting to show!

Pictured is BodyWorker, Sarah, exhibit prototyping white blood cells- aka putting her feet up and brain-storming at the same time! Multi-tasking at its best!

Interview with BodyWorker #4

Here’s Jenny Templeman - the latest BodyWorker to be dangled precariously in front of you as we ask for an insight into their roles! 

Today’s Fact: Most living things can make vitamin C, but some that can’t – including humans, other primates, guinea pigs and bats – rely on their diet to get it.

What is your role in BodyWorks?

Project Manager. In the second phase of the project (starting now until completion in March 2013) I am responsible for making sure everyone does everything they are meant to on-time and in-budget! During the fabrication and installation phase I coordinate all the contractors to ensure we get what we want- I am notoriously hard to impress!

How would you describe BodyWorks in 3 words?

Challenging, Eye-opening and Interactive

What are you enjoying the most about working on BodyWorks?

The team, the variety of exhibits that will be on offer, creating something that will inspire our visitors to understand and look after their bodies, and getting to sit in an office that has a window!

How do you envisage GSC in 10 years?

Through all the experience we have gained from the recent exhibition development projects in-house and now on BodyWorks, GSC will become a leading authority on creating exciting, challenging and interactive exhibits to engage visitors of all ages in science and technology. I believe that we will be developing exhibits for other centres and external clients and will be the first choice in the UK for this service. This is something that we already have made massive progress in and will continue to do so over the coming years.

What do you wish you had invented and why?

Well apart from the obvious, anything that has an ‘i’ in front of it…hair straighteners! Every woman (and even some men!) I know have a pair of hair straighteners and I’d have an afro without them!

What song title best sums up BodyWorks?

Fan-dabby-dosey by The Krankie’s

Your favourite body fact is?

You start life as a cluster of pluripotent cells, with each one having the potential to become any cell type in the body, and they do so to provide all the cell types needed to develop as a functional human! Think about it…that’s amazing!!

Interview with BodyWorker #3

Let’s put BodyWorker Dr Sarah (on the left) in the hot seat. She likes to talk about poo!

What is your role in BodyWorks?

I am the Science & Interpretation Officer for BodyWorks. I work on the content of the exhibition, developing and refining exhibit ideas and generating the text related to the exhibition (the interpretation). This includes all the written stuff you see on the exhibition floor plus the web content.

How would you describe BodyWorks in 3 words?

Best exhibition ever.

Or, (to be less cheesy)

Fun, dynamic, challenging

What are you enjoying the most about working on BodyWorks?

The variety that each and every days brings. I can be in a warehouse counting pipettes one day and then have a meeting with Her Majesty’s Inspector of Anatomy the next. It’s a great project to be part of.

How do you envisage GSC in 10 years?

Well, I should think BodyWorks will be coming to the end of its shelf life by then. We’ll probably have done a number of high profile developments by that time, internally and externally, so we’ll be the best there is at developing these sorts of exhibitions. Plans will more than likely be well on the way to realising a brand new expansive exhibition that’ll allow our visitors to examine a whole new aspect of science that we might not even be aware of as yet.

What do you wish you had invented and why?

I wish I had invented the spacehopper. Then I could have brought joy and amusement to many a child and adult over the years.

What song title best sums up BodyWorks?

The song that always comes into my head is the one from the Body Form advert, I wish it didn’t! The song I think best sums it up has to be Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

Your favourite body fact is?

You make enough red blood cells every year to fill a Boeing 747!! Also, your poo is brown because it’s full of dead red blood cells. Nice.

BodyWorks beating hard on Valentine’s Day

Today’s Fact: When you blush, your stomach lining also reddens.

Happy Valentine’s Day to y’all! Millions of people will today exchange heart-shaped gifts of all kinds, from chocolates to cards. But did you know that the human heart does not actually look like the typical valentine shape and an average heart “pumps iron” by beating 100,000 times a day?

February is also national heart month and Vascutek; Scottish-based manufacturers and marketers of vascular products for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, have kindly donated some heartfelt gifts to GSC.

Sarah, Science and Interpretation Officer, is pictured with an aortic value conduit. An aortic valve conduit is a tube that connects the left ventricular (LV) and aorta to treat blockages.

Since we’re feeling the love in GSC today, fancy a sneaky peek of the first heart beat of the exhibition? The Pulse video below represents the electrical activity of the heart during one beat. An electrocardiogram (ECG) records the electrical activity of the heart. The heart produces tiny electrical impulses which spread through the heart muscle to make the heart contract. These impulses can be detected by the ECG machine.